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5 incredible glass floors we’d love to walk on

Thursday 21st September, 2017

When it comes to making a dramatic design statement, a glass floor is hard to beat.

Not only are glass floors sleek, contemporary and impressive, they have also been used as the key design elements of some mind-blowing structures that create the illusion of walking in mid-air.

Architects and designers around the world have exploited glass floors in some inspired constructions. Here are five of our favourites…

1.      Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon would be amazing to visit regardless, but imagine being able to see it from this incredible glass-floored bridge!

Built in 2007, the Skywalk at Eagle Point is a 10ft wide horseshoe-shaped glass bridge.

Visitors can look straight down to the floor of the Canyon, which sits 4,000 feet below them.

The glass floor of the Skywalk is said to be strong enough to bear the weight of 70 Boeing 747s. So it should be pretty safe to walk on!


2.      Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, China

The longest and highest glass bridge in the world would certainly be worth a visit!

The Zhangjiajie glass bridge spans the canyon between two mountain cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China's central Hunan province, sitting 1,180ft above the forest below.

The glass floor of the bridge is formed in 2in thick laminated toughened glass panels, and can carry up to 800 visitors at a time.


3.      Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

The next glass floor on our list is a little more accessible to those of us here in the UK.

Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth Harbour stands at a height of 560ft and has three viewing decks open to the public. The first viewing deck is at 100ft and includes a glass floor looking straight down the middle of the tower.

Impressive engineering!



4.      Tianmen Mountain glass walkway

Another breath-taking glass floor in China, and not far from the Zhangjiajie glass bridge, is the Tianmen Mountain glass walkway.

Also known as the Coiling Dragon Cliff skywalk, at just 5ft wide and 4,600ft above the valley floor, the glass walkway is a terrifying but awe-inspiring tourist attraction.

Clinging to the mountainside, the walkway is 330ft long and snakes around 99 hair-raising turns.

The panels of the glass floor are constructed in 2.5in thick laminated toughened glass.

5.      Calgary Tower, Canada

With 360° views over the whole city of Calgary, all the way to the Rocky Mountains, the foothills, and the prairies, the Calgary Tower glass floor is the final structure on our list.

The Observation Deck’s glass floor gives a bird’s eye view of the bustling downtown streets 525ft below.

Calgary Tower’s glass floor is constructed in 2¼in thick super clear glass, which includes a ¼in glass wear pane on top, a 1in laminated tempered glass top, ½in air space and a ½in laminated tempered glass bottom.


If you have your own grand designs for a glass floor, as the region’s leading commercial glass suppliers, Peterlee Glass can help. See our glass floor gallery for inspiration, or get in touch for a quote.

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